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Fraud Targets 3PL / Warehouse Groups

Recently we have noticed a number of fraud request seeking handling of packages with quick turn around and using credit cards only. At first glance they look real, but if you look carefully, there are some tells.

We wanted to alert other 3PL/Cross Dock/Warehouse groups on the potential fraud. This is modeled after the earlier Nigerian scam, where an individual receives packages and forwards them on to another group, while all the products were purchased with stolen credit cards.

We have included an original email as an example for your organization with tips below on identifying the fraudsters.

--- Original Message Subject: Short Term Warehousing Services

Hello, With much respect , we wish to request for a short term storage service from your company as we believe this particular scope of line falls within your capacity.

In essence this service required is term Cross Docking in logistics.

Hence for a consolidation that would be going through our chain of supply ,we deem it necessary to request for facility/ies whereby we start a consolidation process.

This request is urgent, you can inform us which location within the US that you can have to offer.

As a new business entity, ,we would commence services as soon as possible and charges payable only with a credit card .

Products are all in Boxes, from 2lbs to 45lbs, from 10 to 15 Boxes daily. 50-100 weekly.

All of which are electrical equipment, gadgets, musical equipment, irrigation materials, paper supplies, office consumables.

We hope to hear back from you as soon as possible

Thank You Scammer

----- Key Points to Identify It's a Scam -------------

Here are my thoughts on the tells:

- Urgency in request - Using credit card only (probably stolen credit card numbers) - The new scam targets 3PL logistics companies for cross docking services (instead of consumers as intermediaries) to facilitate the package movement. - Small packages (like store/online purchases) - Gmail (Yahoo/etc) account (not a valid company email address) and saying they are a start-up

- The person/company sending email is not found on search engines or no verifiable referral information. - Bad grammar..

We hope this helps other companies identify real clients from the fraudsters.

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