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Marine Transport - Atria

Ocean Transport ( Container, Bulk and RollOn RollOff )


Atria helps clients manage their Ocean Transport requirements. Let the Atria team help with the following types of cargo requirements. 


  • Full Container Loads

  • Less Than Container Loads

  • RollOn/RollOff

  • Bulk Transport





Inland Transport ( Barge )


If you require movement of commodities, heavy equipment or other good in/out of the interrior waterways of North America, Atria can help! 


Atria has a network on inland water carriers to provide your specific move. Our inland carriers support the following types of transports.


  • Barracks Barge

  • Dry Bulk Cargo Barges

  • Liquid Cargo Barges 

  • Car-float Barges

  • Crane Barge / Equipment Barge

  • Hopper Barge


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